pre bahamian morphic field

by shannon kringen

eyes locked
several heart beats
contrasting monotheistic
beyond the duality
heaven and hell
an invisible
of form
equal weight is given
to silence and sound
waiting at the gate
skating at the state
of bliss
interlacing geranium
painting titanium
clean slate island
beyond rocky paradox
curling the locks
realizing the hawks are taking stock
of what the humans do
due to earth equanimous
multi dimensional shadow spell
fukishima dwell
swell to wave
swelling melon cave
are you brave?
Flying turquoise
painted bodies, head to toe
in the amber glow
of knowing
the show must go on
unwind the tide
sliding in line
silhouetted time

mining creative minds
lining torso divine
gluten freed, cleared of fog in mind
shedding long ago skins
for a window of play
no longer delayed
displaying full spectrum chroma
soaking in aromas
sensing serendipity
dancing this
road less traveled
water seed
sprouting, re-routing
encountering collaboration
elated by the vast ship
of friendship
what a trip!
dipping into the golden
retrieved life…