i modeled for this wonderful photographer today named Mark Laubenheimer:

he does very soft natural light portraits of people. we spent 2 or 3 hours in his studio shooting images of me. he put me at ease by asking me what kind of music i liked. i told him what a big fan of tom petty i was and thankfully he was a fan as well and had tons of tom petty records on his music player.

it was exotic for me to wear neutral colors as i tend to wear bright or dark colors. i was attracted to working with Mark because he shoots soft subtle colors…his photos remind me of classical paintings in terms of color and light. there is a timeless, natural soft, soothing beauty to his work. they are not just “photos of pretty faces” but rather “portraits” that are very personal to each human he photographs. some of the “inner life” of the models seems to shine through the images bringing the viewer in a little more than just a “pretty picture would do”.

i used to find neutral shades “boring” or faded looking…but now i am finding myself enjoying white/beige/skin tones….soft subtle hues can be very soothing…which brings out the human face very well…bright colors and make up seem to hide the more subtle things about a human face.

he knew how to draw me out of my shell. we talked and laughed and he sang a little to tom petty which made me smile…we tried different tops in white/beige/nude. he photographed every angle of my face possible…

i wore no make up and mostly had my hair pulled back away from my face (unusual for me)

i could feel my face relaxing and changing with each direction he gave me.

Mark knows how to entice the model out in a soothing, nurturing, relaxed way. the relationship between the camera, the model and the photographer all work together to create powerful images.

i am impressed with Mark because he is great at using natural light and paying close attention to the expression on the models face along with the angle of the bone structure. he is very sensitive to what he sees through the lens. we talked in detail about what we were doing…he gave me constant feedback which helped reassure me and boosted my confidence…and made me feel very important and respected.

i felt strong and powerful yet playful and vulnerable (in a good expressive way) being photographed by him. it felt more like acting than just modeling. i guess good “modeling” is like acting. creating a scene, expressing a mood/emotion/feeling. beyond just “physical beauty”. emotional, soulful beauty beyond the skin and yet flattering images of the skin….

i had such a good experience working with him! i am excited to see the results. will share them here! 🙂 ♥

Shannon Kringen Art Model:

Mark Laubenheimer Photograher: