i attract amazing artists and photographers to work with creating art and making money.
i am fit and trim, burning fat and building muscle.
i travel around the world staying with friends and taking amazing art photos, and modeling and being photographed by brilliant photographers and sharing this art online and publishing inspirational/art books and selling them to my audience who loves my work.
i am loved, healthy and happy.
i spread positive energy to others and lift people up with my good energy.
i see beauty everyday and treasure and cherish it.
i love and nurture myself and others.
i encourage others to follow their dreams and manifest their deepest loving, positive desires.
i have plenty of time.
i have plenty of money.
i master time and money.
i am peaceful and inspired.
i love my life.
i love my friends.
i love my family.
i love my plants and animals.
i love my apartment.
i love my art projects.
my website is magnificently successful attracting new eyes everyday.
i am strong and fit and healthy.
i am lean.
my body is healthy and fit and gorgeous.
my career is wonderful.
i make a good living selling my photos, paintings, hand painted shoes, members only website and modeling for painting/drawing/photographic artists who love my “presence and beauty” as a model.
i live a happy adventurous life.
i succeed doing what i love.
i travel to many different countries meeting new wonderful kind intelligent talented friends along the way.
my life unfolds easily and joyfully.
abundance love and kindness surrounds me.
i have a life of ease.
i am happy, balanced and relaxed.
i inspire others daily to follow their hearts and manifest their dreams.
i love my work.

i visit my friend monty in the bahamas and work on modeling, body painting and photography projects
i visit my friend neil in england and we make art and have tons of fun together
i visit my friend in norway, my friend in russia and new friends in many other countries and have a wonderful time taking photos and enjoying my friendships with these great positive people.
my love life is happening exactly as it needs to.
i heal, learn and grow in every relationship i have.

inspired by this video: