the connection between being artistic and autistic

the connection between being artistic and autistic

i truly feel that being artistic and being autistic sometimes overlaps. i have obsessive traits and fixate on things/patterns and numbers and have high sensitivity and social issues/hard time bonding with others in close ways and yet i am gifted in other ways. i have synesthesia too. i see shapes when i hear music.

temple grandin is a high functioning autistic person. she is an expert on animals (i too feel a kinship with animals) she she speaks on what it’s like to be autistic. the pros and cons. she emphasizes how important it is to “build up the gifts” you have and let go of trying to “fix your deficits”

i am mildly autistic! my photo talent is related to it. i am sure of this. i see things others don’t…and i don’t see things others do.

he was an only child like me. one of my favorite humans/artists/philosopher/architects: Friedensreich Hundertwasser

when i say i think i am mildly autistic it’s not to put myself down. it’s to get clear on what my gifts and deficits are so i know who the real me is so i can reach my potential in life. i have many gifts AND i have many deficits. i am very socially awkward for instance. i have very few close friends, i feel very uncomfortable with people most of the time. i long to be on my own most of the time…and yet i like being on stage, making art, sharing it. i love having sex but seem to not to be so good at or even interested in having a traditional love life. i seem to love living alone mostly. i am a loner who likes to connect with cameras/music/movies and art supplies more that with people directly.

“the blues brothers” in one of my favorite movies. Aykroyd previously discussed his Asperger’s in an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross in 2004.

i count a lot too. numbers, i add things all the time in my head whether i need to or not. and part of why i am a good art model is that i love to stare off into space and zone out into my own inner world.

i am sensitive to loud noise also….and cannot stand getting drunk. i hate booze!

i am very good at taking abstract photos and painting abstract patterns and making up my own language etc.