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i went gluten/wheat and mostly grain free 7 months ago and feel great. i have burned off over 20 pounds of fat (along with exercising daily) and my moods are more stable, my thinking more clear and awake. i feel younger. (i am 45)

gluten free breakfast: free range organic eggs cooked in coconut oil, spinach.

you can make gluten, wheat and grain free “cereal” with chia seed, hemp seed, and raw mixed nuts=walnut, pecan,almond,cashew. put this in a bowl with your favorite kind of milk. (i use non dairy coconut or almond milk)

a friend asked me what i would do if i did not have to worry about money. i love this question so much. i will think about it all day and write down my ideas and desires. thank you friend of mine for asking me this. love you.

another way to go gluten/wheat and grain free is to buy big bags of frozen mixed veggies (i get organic ones from costco- and i cook these with meals as a sub for grains) and i put hummus, olive tapenade. nutritional yeast and tumeric on top of my veggies! yum yum fills me up! good fiber and nutrition. vitamins,minerals and antioxidants. pretty colors too.

i am also increasing the “good fats” in my diet. olive, coconut, avocado, nuts. it’s good for your body and lubricates the body tissues and i find i crave sugar and carbs less when i eat good healthy fats.

i am very happy i read the books and watched videos of the authors of “wheat belly” by William Davis and “grain brain” by David Perlmutter.

on water: “bottled water” is NOT SAFE. they do not test it. testing bottled water is not regulated in the USA. sometimes it’s just tap water they bottle for profit. it’s a SCAM and also a waste of plastic bottles. i get FREE WATER from a natural artesian well near Seattle. it has natural minerals and no chemicals added. they test it for safety all the time and post results on their website. i have my own huge water bottle i carry with me. i never pay for water. i feel lucky to live near clean natural water. i have 3, 5 gallon jugs i fill up and a huge personal sized water bottle i have with me always.