thankful my parents for raised me with mostly health foods &  an active childhood

thankful my parents raised me with mostly health foods & an active childhood

just realizing how thankful i am to my parents for raising me with mostly health foods and encouraged me to run around and play outside a lot. i was very active as a child…roller skating all over san diego suburbs, playing miniature golf, jumping on trampolines, taking dance classes, playing tennis with my dad who taught tennis (he even got a scholarship for college he was such a gifted tennis player.) my parents were divorced when i was 4 but i saw them both a lot and they both fed me a lot of health foods and taught me about nutrition. so this health plan i am now on is definitely a big change but the foundation for it i had learned as child! i have been exercising my whole life really. started jogging at age 13. it’s the eating less calories and more nutrient rich foods and cutting out grains and dairy and increasing the good fats that seem to have made the biggest transformation happen with my body. it’s also a self esteem thing thinking i “deserve to be a fit and trim human” and i don’t have to hang on to the extra layer of fat anymore. let people think what they want about me. be inspired, or be jealous of my fitness. everyone deserves to be what they want to be in their own skin! i have good muscle tone under the fat and now my bones and muscles are showing more! so happy about my health. i hope i am inspiring others to do whatever they think is best for their body health.