1779268_659773970745699_1992016604_nmarypoppinsday_wIMG_1976I was a guest Artist at a College Art Class

teaching might be something i’d like to try out and learn how to do! i am very happy and grateful i was invited to be a guest artist. i did really well as a guest artist at a 3 hour college art class! i told my bio, did “show and tell” of my art, played two songs from the music i made with Claxton Kent, then we did an exercise of breaking up into groups of two and going outside taking selfies and then a photo of our partners…then we came back in and wrote about the experience and each of us read out loud from our words. at the end they each told me what they got out of me being there. i am so proud of myself for doing so well, (i was a little timid and held back a bit) but i did overall very well. i’d like to try giving more presentations like this