grain free feels so good to me! more fat and protein!  get carbs from fruit and potatoes!  not grain

i feel so much better off grains. (and with an increase of good fats and proteins) it was addictive to me eating bread and wheat and grains in general. fats and proteins are better for my body than Carbohydrates. my appetite has decreased since stopping the consumption of grains and processed fake foods. i burned off 39 pounds of fat in the last 10 months and my emotional state is more stable than ever before. it seems that my blood sugar is more stable. i do get Carbohydrates in the form of fruit and potatoes. though i mostly eat veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, some meat. i drink lots of water. i have one iced coffee per day with almond or coconut milk & a little dark chocolate each day. i never drink soda…i exercise every day by walking, biking, lift weights in my apartment and do sit ups. i wish more would try this out and see how they feel off grains! they are highly addictive and very hard on the body & brain. i know the foods i eat now are Anti-Inflammatory- last time i lost weight it was different. this time i can see my bones and muscles more- so i know it’s not just fat i am burning off. my tissue was inflamed and i didn’t even know that. and doctors say that Inflammation makes the body Susceptible to many illnesses. Inflammation weakens your bodies immune system. so eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet really helps strengthen your immune system.