a little haunted by the eyes of the man i helped today- he had this vulnerable look on his face like he was new born and did not know anything about what was around him. (….this morning i called paramedics for a man on the side of the road who may have had a seizure. Felt so good to help him. i cried a bit in my car alone after i left the scene (3 paramedics were checking his vitals etc as i left.) i felt so good after i helped him. i was a little late to my modeling gig due to this but i had to do what was needed. no other cars were stopping! i drove by him, saw him convulsing on top of his bicycle and did a u turn and went back to go see him up close. i tapped him on the shoulder to wake him up. he was drooling and snoring but his eyes were half open. he could not talk for a couple minutes then tried to stand up but was dizzy. he told me what his name was but he did not know how he got there or where he lived…i called 911 soon after and they sent a fire truck that was magically only two blocks away. so glad the fire station was so close. the paramedics were all so nice and caring and asked me questions and it felt good to assist! i hope this man is healing and okay! i got the feeling this person is a very sweet soul…the whole experience felt meant to be.