free write by shannon kringen may 31 2014

u turn, me turn, we all turn
listen creamy tangerine
paramedics zip to your need
all around puget sound
the best kind of narcissists
brag about good deeds and manifesting dreams
haunted by epileptic eyes
the deed is to weed criticism
carefully burning to learn
as you go
rewind future
ferries off the mainland
eliminate trains that drain
entice fanning of flame
in this strange earth game
framing the blamed
blooming the root
to shoot off pixels
of pixie dust
rusting trust
and seal the deal
you wanna fly me to new york?
i say yes
you wanna send me around the globe?
yes yes yes
the book is on it’s way
light the path
for those to come
amplified bragging
used to ignite
in spirit we sing
media creation
shrink or expand
you choose
loosen the noose
would rather be a trail blazer
than a bitchy whiner shame enhancer
tame the shame
turn that stinky criticism
into fertilizer
eyes are fertile
enhance the dance of chance
romance this stance
ingest what you wanna manifest
it’s more spiritual to celebrate the greatness
of who you are by far
than to use the excuse “i’m only human” when you let someone down.
rise to the ocassion
of being amazing
heal from greed
plant this water seed

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