i wanted to share with tori amos about Sonic architecture & Synesthesia

i will share what happened when i met tori. i wanted to share something with her about Sonic architecture & Synesthesia. tori amos talks about how she sees her songs as sculptures in sound- and i totally relate to that- as i see shapes when i hear music and i sense physical SPACE and visual atmospheres when i hear music…each song has a space really. i was so nervous and worried about not taking too much time with tori i rushed when i met her and only said “i’m shannon, i painted these shoes for you, can you play a tom petty song?” and i thanked her for being so wonderful. i did this same thing all three times that i met her and had a chance to talk with her. i was just so nervous i felt shy and totally did not relax and have fun with it. i am happy i painted and gave her shoes three times! 1996, 2005 and 2014 and she did wear the shoes i made her on stage in 1996 and thanked me from the stage by name. i just wish i had connected with her on a more human level and shared that i relate to her ideas on Sonic architecture and music and visual art being connected in so many ways and also in seeing things in metaphor like music and concerts being like a pot of stew with just the right spices and ingredients etc. i am sure most of her big fans think in this kind of WAVE length frequency.