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i am so worried i am self centered that i am NOT self centered enough ! in terms of making my art and giving it to the world. Ryan Henry Ward tells me to give and make my art and forget about “myself” and just make art and give it out to the world. focus on what you give and not on “getting” something in return. wise words

what makes art sell is not that its “good” it’s that someone likes it for some emotional reason. i do not give a shit what snooty galleries and art critics say. the artists and musicians i admire are the ones that find their niche in connecting with their audience who wants their work.

from a practical stand point i like the idea of making art that will sell not art that is something art critics will like.

I KNOW THIS IS SHAMEFUL FOR ME TO SAY BUT: I AM jealous of aRtist Ryan Henry Ward. he is a nice person AND HE sold a painting for $3,600.oo recently and he works FULL TIME AS AN ARTIST PAINTING MURALS ALL OVER SEATTLE. I AM VERY ENVIOUS AND I FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. HE IS A NICE PERSON AND HE WORKS HARD. I FEEL COMPETITIVE AND THIS IS TOXIC ON MY PART. not everyone likes his art. i like it. it’s FUNNY AND FUN, CHILDLIKE AND PLAYFUL AND WHAT I LIKE MOST ABOUT HIM IS HIS AUDACITY IN SPREADING HIS ART ALL OVER THE CITY NO MATTER WHAT CRITICISM HE GETS and in fact the more he gets told his work sucks the more he wants to put HENRY art all over the fucking city! good for him. i wish i could SPRAY KRING PAINT ALL OVER SEATTLE AND dominate it. Ryan Henry probably comes from a more loving place than me on his ambition for fame and money with his art who knows? i just know i feel angry and jealous and envious and all kinds of negative dark emotions about this. the seattle art museum even hires him to come and do live painting at their REMIX events because HE DRAWS A CROWD. IT’S A BUSINESS DEAL. HENRY KNOWS HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM AND HE BY PASSESS ALL THE SNOOTY ART GALLERIES TOO. IT’S ABOUT DRAWING A CROWD AND MAKING MONEY. HE WORKS HARD AND GETS HIMSELF BOOKed TO PAINT AT LIVE EVENTS LIKE HEMP FEST AND ALL THE FUCK OVER THE PLACE. I AM VERY MAD AT MYSELF FOR NOT BELIEVING IN MYSELF ENOUGH TO MARKET MY WORK AND GET IT OUT THERE MORE AND FIND MORE FANS. THEN AGAIN THERE IS NOT JOY IN DOING ART FOR EXTERNAL APPROCAL IS THERE? do i even love making art? or is this just some ego trip game and competition i want to play? i know i am talented and yet i am TOTALLY INSECURE IN MY RIGHT TO EVEN EXIST IN THE ART WORLD. FUCK. AND Ryan Henry has TONS OF FACEBOOK FANS WHO SEND HIM 100’S OF LIKES AND MESSAGES ALL DAY LONG. I WONDER HOW MANY ARE FANS OF HIS ART AND HOW MANY ARE struggling artists who want a piece of the action he is getting?

So sad and mad. So jealous of others. I am so passive aggressively hostile. Painfully self conscious. I never seem to have fun or relax. I cannot seem to value myself and external acceptance does nothing. Either way I’m in pain. I conflicted every minute. Part of me wants to erase all my websites and retire from sharing anything online and in person and part of me wants to make art and market it like an egomaniac. I am so unhappy in both my personal life and my career life

when an artist becomes successful and has their stuff hung in big public spaces they get judged for being “ego maniacs or too commerical” etc. people project all their negative stuff onto artists who get the spotlight. like i would be THRILLED if commericial spaces wanted KRING art to hang and let anyone judge me for this!

part of me wants to go out there in seattle and find a wall and ask the person in charge of it if i can paint a BIG ABSTRACT “KRING” mural! but i am so shy about actually doing this for fear of being REJECTED. or if i get the green light then people will judge me as not deserving this SPACE etc.

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Goddess KRING and Ryan Henry Ward

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