on healing and balancing the open sensitive self with viking strength

to heal from some of the abusive comments i got and deleted and the hate i have read from people online who view me in a the most negative way- i googled “i hate ___________” =various famous artists who are very unique and controversial….i found such awful things being said about all of them. totally helps me know for sure it’s that some people just enjoy judging and putting others down, spreading gossip, exaggerating things-mixings lies in with truth etc and make it sound very dramatic and like some crazy soap opera= and it’s not really personal or my fault….i need to stay strong and keep expressing and creating and not let anyone “shame” me for being who i am and sharing the way i want to.

someone just told me “if you don’t have “Haters”, you’re doing something wrong!”  and yes i would agree you are playing it “too safe” when you don’t have haters.

i realize now i have more strength than i give myself credit for right along with my fragile side.  i have both a warrior/viking/goddess inside me as well as a delicate, sensitive kind soul- that is easily shocked by cruelty.

i want to stay sensitive and open but also stay strong with a healthy boundary towards those who seem to want to INVADE my space in a destructive way.

(and yes i do have a dark side and have made mistakes in my life- i also do a lot of great things. both.  it’s not black or white.) when i do screw up i try to fix the issue- and i admire those who do the same.  clean up your mess etc. instead of pointing the blame finger at others…

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thanks everyone who appreciates my expression.  and thanks to the haters who give me practice at being stronger and centering myself in love and authenticity.