RIP Stella Kringen 10/31/14. She passed away tonight with me on my bed. i held her and witnessed her death. I feel grateful she seemed to wait until i got home from work. (my arms and legs felt nauseus while i was at work. i think it was empathy for Stella) i was with her all day long…then i dropped her off at my neighbors & they made sure she was resting comfortably. i came home, talked with my neighbors about Stella then brought her home…she started movements within 10 minutes of me bringing her home. i layed her on my bed and held her while she died. i will bury her in my mom’s yard with many other cats. Aslan, Bogie, Mick, Jagger, Bacall, Tux and now Stella. i feel sad and miss her and feel a sense of relief knowing she is at peace and her soul is free and has dropped her no longer working body.

next time someone tells you “it’s just a cat or dog” say to them “you are JUST a human”

my neighbors came over the say good bye to stella. we all cried and petted her and told stores about our good memories of her! how sweet is that? such LOVE.