free write by shannon kringen 01/24/2015
want figs on your pizza? i do.
top down/trying new sounds
howling hounds
surrounded wearing 4 dollar red pants
languising texture
mixing business and pleasure
at your leisure
it’s procedure
need to keep feeding her
painted cake
velvet top hat
missing her cat
celebrating her stack
freedom to roam
handsome bloke at her side
gliding ever changing tides
knowing different strokes
wild assortment of folks
feeling solft blue corduroy
smooth purple plaid checkers
red velvety
delicious red apple pinning for the win
arches supported inserting
black boots
feeling keen
release from the
hurry worry
hawaii and the uk calling me
let go of stalling
free falling into nothing
that is everything
feeling the happy sting
swinging to bring
sweet singing man
playing stratacaster
leopard skin blanket
jumping into mud puddles
sublte or not here we come
taught me how to make
southern beans
not mean
plenty lean
on cruelty
plenty fat
on beauty
daily typing
trapped in freedom