taking ashwagandha herb and vitamins and minerals and meditation instead of medication

feel so much better after the spiritually based support group. it’s a grief and loss group. i shared about my step dad dying, my cat dying and grief about my rent going up, my injured feet and how that impacts my job as a model and active/athletic person and all my challenges in life right now- and they gave me feedback on how i judge myself for being “moody” and that is actually adding to my pain of having “mood swings” and reminded me to be mindful of my thoughts/feelings and my judgement about being the way i am. i forgot how much judging myself is actually more of a problem than my actual moods. part of me is always stable and strong and ok even when i freak out. up and down i go every hour and yet i am always okay at the same time. i have a grief chart to refer to and a list of human needs met and unmet and feelings. i’d like to get more clear on my thoughts and feelings and be aware of how i am thinking and using my mind. to love and heal is the goal. they also reminded me that our culture tells us to be “normal” and neat and clean and organized and logical and yet to be a natural human is to be messy and have all kinds of thoughts and feelings. i feel validated and refreshed. i also told them of me taking ashwagandha herb and vitamins and minerals and meditation and healthy eating/sleeping/exercise/massage instead of medication for my mental health issues and they encouraged me to trust my choice on this for now and see how it goes.