what happens when you google your own name?

when i google my name “shannon kringen” or “goddess kring”  i get a little freaked out by how much and what comes up.  i have been expressing myself in various ways online for 15 years.    part of me is fine with what i have done and part of me is wanting to refocus and re-evaluate what i’m trying to communicate online to people.  i cannot “erase” anything i have said or done but i can redirect my energy.  life sure is messy! 🙂  some things online about me are lies and some are true- and some are a mix of truth and fiction, some exaggerated/taken out of context etc. i am just saying for now= 2015 and beyond i want to be more conscious of what i am trying to create online and in my actual life in person with others.

i have no control over what is said about me or how it’s interpreted but i can express what i want to say….and let people use it and respond to it and build on it.  (hopefully in positive ways. i’d like to be known as an inspiring person who is brave and creative and authentic and also honest about her flaws. trying to build on her gifts and make the world a better place.)

Shannon Kringen
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Seattle, Wa 98102
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i am always open to gifts and donations and feedback.