trust my own inner (wisdom/voice/intuition/connection to nature/god whatever you wanna call it

had a powerful support group session today, the person leading it reminded me to trust my own inner (wisdom/voice/intuition/connection to nature/god whatever you wanna call the energy that connects all life) and that it’s true that “psychiatric treatments” can help some but also “stereotype” people by labeling them. i want to receive mental health care support that actually helps me heal and grow and build a good life. so i am going to be careful about what i say yes to. affirming what i want and letting go what i do not want that no longer serves me. i want to expand on doing more things that are healthy and nurturing to me. massage, having a cat, spending time in nature, good sleep, making art, listening to music, eating healthy, exercise, affection/sex/love/hugs/smiles, focusing my energy on things i want to grow and weeding out the toxic things from my life.

spending the night with my lover man tonight! he is cooking us dinner. i am grateful to have someone to share affection and food with. we cuddle to and sleep well together. we both are very quiet sleepers.

spiritual awareness can lead to healing in the now.

love to all,

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