a good ‪#‎easter‬.  take actions, detach from end results.  trust the flow.

a good ‪#‎easter‬ so far. modeled for a photographer, made $120.00 support group was cancelled due to easter BUT i asked for support and i got a one on one session from a very compassionate person. going to have a nice dinner with my guy at his house. he’s cooking a special dinner and i’m bringing ice cream and the bill murray/melissa mcCarthy/naomi watts comedy i love called “st. vincent”.

the support i received today was such a blessing. this person reminded me to surf the WaVeS in life and not get caught up in the details and end results so much as take actions, aim for goals then let go and let the universe or “god” or whatever you wanna call energy beyond your individual self that helps create reality.

we also talked about the fact that i sometimes feel like i want to “die” is healthy and really just a part of me that wants to drop my toxic thinking in my head. i want to let self destructive side of me pass away not my actual body literally. so it’s partly a healthy urge to want to “die” on some level. not literally kill my body- or harm myself- but to want to weed off the parts of my thinking and actions that are not good for me. let the parts of me die and make room for the new me as i can keep growing and healing. my “inner darth vader” can be an ally if i ask it what it’s trying to teach me and what it wants from me.

so i can look for a new apartment and try not to worry about when and how and what i will find, just explore options and trust eventually it will work out and i will find a new place to live that will be good for me and my cat.

i seek an apartment near seattle that is $1,000 or less per month that allows a cat and has views of green spaces and has good light for my many houseplants. a balcony would be amazing.

left voice mail for the apartment the i saw and loved yesterday just to make sure they are strict on their rules of income. the truth is i can afford that place as i live frugally and rent is the pricey thing i pay for each month and in every other way i live amazingly cheaply. i have good credit too and perfect rental history.

i let go and trust i will manifest the right living space for me when the time is right. i am open to any help from others reading this also. you always email me from this page: