The Goddess KRING video Archive Project is Moving Forward!

index of Goddess KRING shows that are being archived from VHS to DVD! so grateful!

SO GRATEFUL! my neighbor from my old building i lived in when i was doing my Goddess KRING show is making 1 or 2 discs a day of my show episodes from VHS to DVD and now i have a stack of them on disc that are .VOB files that i need to convert to whatever format is good to upload online and give to the documentary film crew editing the Channeling Yourself movie! this man is an ANGEL!

i am letting him burn copies of the shows for himself too as a way of giving something to him for this work he is doing!

i need someone to teach me how to extract the video file from the DVD and then FTP to the doc film people or edit clips together to upload online etc. and edit “best of Goddess KRING” videos for fans who said they wanna buy from me!

i always accept donations:
Shannon Kringen
P O BOX 20355
Seattle, WA 98102

thanks for your support!