someone just told me Dori Monson was just talking about my
“Goddess KRING” show on KIRO Radio 97.3. He was talking about Public Access shows and talk specifically about my show! yeah! i wanna hear it! i should write him a thank you note!
not sure if it was negative/positive or neutral but i don’t care just SHARE ABOUT IT works for me. i just tweeted him thanks and also wrote on his webpage a message.

i guess my dream is for more to realize i am a genuine real artist with artistic value and merit and not “just the naked lady” from tv!

but i am happy that people know me from my Goddess KRING performance art and nude modeling etc. i am a good shoe painter and photographer and art model. i have written some very interesting spoken word and i love to create and share with an audience and i love to inspire and encourage others to express themselves freely and follow their dreams and be authentic.

i know the more i love and honor my own self and value the more others will reflect this back to me!

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