yesterday my friend took these. i feel dorky in clothes when i model! funny! i feel like i should be more “perfect” in clothing and yet when nude i feel more “here i am good enough!”

modeling seems to be a form of therapy for me! i see it now. it was a practical choice to make money with modeling but it’s also a way that i try and have a stronger sense of self and to feel more connected to others and useful to the community…build a higher self esteem and learn about who i am and how i effect others and how they effect me.

will try again with a better outfit to get good full body shots! black tank top, dark pants or mini skirt and tights and dark heels. create a good shape from head to toe and try and relax my face and emote beauty into the lens!

Art Model Shannon Kringen http://www.shannonkringen.com/figuremodel.htm