Empathy for the Predator.
sympathy for the deviator.
compassion for the vampire.
i’m on fire sire
higher higher
hire me
spread thin
social media
meat eating
asaparagus cleanse
ending neurotic
never phsychotic
anchoring voice
aware inner head
putting down
time to praise up
you’re not shy
you’re solitary
in doses
mega doses
being with the masses
clashes with the need
for waterseed
freed and breeded for this life
road less travelled
condensed expansion
expanded confession
price check it!
price check it!
price check it!
chicks and checkerboards
sticks and liquor boards
empathy for social media
sympathy for i’ll be seein ya
not in person….but online!
internets isolate
internets connect
web always moving
many grooves
sometimes you need soothing cooing
away from the screens
in between
shades of green
the less you try
the easier it gets
unity in diversity
universally seals the deal
we are all well hung
fertile eyes
it’s done.

more poetry/spoken word by shannon kringen here:
audio: http://www.shannonkringen.com/kringmusic.htm
words: http://www.shannonkringen.com/kringspeak.htm
bandcamp; https://goddesskring.bandcamp.com/album/synkringnicity