saw the new Michael Moore movie yesterday “where to invade next” basically about him
traveling to more socialized countries with progressive taxes and good built into taxes, no extra medical bills healthcare for all citizens and more paid time off, money for vacations, amazing healthy food for lunch at schools for kids in france (public schools not fancy schools-) higher wages, friendly ceo’s and unions for workers to get their rights met, the education system in finland is amazing with shorter days for kids and many speak multiple languages, no standardized tests, happier kids, more art and music as part of the normal learning. in finland students are encouraged to be happy, play, balance their school work with time with family and friends. brought me to tears many times.

it’s about the idea of the USA borrowing and bringing back good ideas from other countries with healthier societies and happier people and better economic spending that is more fair to the citizens.

Michael Moore: “Where to Invade Next” | Talks at Google