(My apartment was robbed on July 15th and my cameras stolen= so i set up this fundraiser to help me replace one or more cameras to make aRt)

so grateful and happy to have an SLR again. thanks for your donations everyone. i raised the total to $700 just in case others want to pitch in. i’d like to eventually get another waterproof camera like the one stolen (canon D10) and a pentax lens that is 18-270 similar to the lens i had on my canon DSLR that was stolen. i plan to use the $600 donated to me for a new or used Canon Powershot SX60HS. will look for the best deal- also getting $100 cash back from a credit card deal so that is helping cut the cost a little also. i will be sending EVERYONE who wants it a photo print i make and hand sign just for each of you! thanks again, love, shannon!

(if you prefer donating directly to me i have paypal and google wallet or you can send check/cash/money order to: Shannon Kringen PO BOX 20355 Seattle, WA 98102) THANKS! email me with any questions: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com