redo shannon kringen dot com for 2017?  lets do this!

for 2017 i want to perhaps redesign my website: “shannonkringen dot com” been using front page for many years and want to find a new easy simple low cost way of updating my site and hooking it into all my video, music,podcast and visual art and blog sites. my host is eskimo (a small local company, would like to stay with them if possible….but might need to change hosts to get the best deal and make sure they are compatible with my new way of updating my site. i have had my site since 2000 and love having it but use my twitter/flickr/youtube/blogs and other social media sites more to share my aRt….my new website would be more to use as a platform to connect all my content i share all over the place. advice welcome on how to make it more simple and find a template to modernize my site and easily update content myself from home etc. thanks. my friend in england offered to help after the holidays. i might just go with that. my website is kind of a mess! so i want to make it more easy to navigate for both me and the “audience” etc. i love to share/express/create online.