delivered groceries today for 6 hours all over the place from 3 different stores. have been doing this job off and on since august. it’s kind of exhausting and yet i keep doing it. i am learning things while doing it and earning anywhere from $12-18 per hour… really varies… minus taxes i will pay later it’s 1099 income. i needed a rest from chasing modeling jobs- and this makes me enjoy modeling more when i compare the two. very different kinds of jobs they both are. i do enjoy working on my own solo when i’m out shopping and driving to random addresses and dropping off bags of food for people. i am still modeling also….it’s just a relief knowing i don’t have to say yes to every single modeling job i can get and i can pace myself having a variety of jobs. modeling for art and medical students and grocery shopping/delivering. i could try to make money with my art but i seem to just wanna keep sharing it free with creative commons lic. and then make money other ways.

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