raw meat food for cats and dogs. my cat is thriving.

my cat keesoon continues to do well on his raw meat diet! i am not using any canned or dry foods. they are not raw. the only food that is raw is frozen in plastic containers and freeze dried in bags and you add water and mush up like gravy with both frozen and freeze dried “raw meat”. make sure it’s raw meat and not cooked. the canned foods and dry kibble are all cooked meats and don’t have the nutritional value that raw meat has with live enzymes. plus they add starchy fillers to all canned and dry foods usually and heat them up and put weird preservatives in them. the kind of raw meat foods i feed my cat have no fillers and no preservatives/chemicals. he is doing very well with digestion= pee and poop and he’s very playful and his eyes look happy and content. i am lucky my cat switched over to raw with no issues. most cats and dogs you have to transition slowly i guess? my cat seemed ready for this change. cold turkey i changed his diet weeks ago and he’s been thriving. i get these foods at the natural pet stores in seattle. “all the best” and “mud bay” very good places.