sad that Bernie Sanders is too honest, ethical and non corrupt to get elected POTUS in this country! really upsets me. i agree with Bernie Sanders on every level i have heard him speak on. education, healthcare, native american and human rights, renewable energy, environmental protection, humans part of nature not separate from it, getting corruption out of capitalism, pro union/worker rights/raising their wages/ democratic socialism to help make capitalism not so corrupt allowing all the wealthy to hoard the money etc. i cannot believe federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. i made that 24 years ago. insane how low the wages are for many americans while the wealth of the top few has grown radically. really unfair and NOT DEMOCRATIC. i also agree with Bernie IN STOPPING THE WEALTHY ELITE FROM BEING SO CORRUPT WITH MONEY hoarding it all and taking it away from the poor and middle class. #berniesanders #trump #solar