#podcast #25 Goddess KRING. dreams & tell stories about being an extra in “american heart”

finished recording #podcast #25 Goddess KRING. i share dreams i have had & tell stories about being an extra in “american heart” , meeting jeff bridges and the embarrassing thing i did that i wish i could say sorry to him for! ha ha. links below. it will air this thursday april 6th 3-4pm hollow earth radio and archived 24 hours a day 7 days a week for free on mixcloud, youtube, bandcamp and patreon! links below!

my Goddess KRING #podcasts are archived and free 24 hours a day on several sites. mixcloud, patreon, bandcamp and youtube. it airs once a week on hollow earth radio at a set time of thursdays 3-4pm but then it’s FREE to listen any time on those other sites. all free 24/7. links below

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