i am hearing temple grandin speak tonight! so excited

i’m so inspired by temple grandin. i am amazed at the lack of response i get when i mention her? do most people not find her interesting? i find her mind FASCINATING! i love that she’s an expert on animal behavior and in explaining what it’s like to be autistic and in suggesting that education could improve by BUILDING UP WHAT kids strengths are instead of making them do things they are bad at. her messages could be applied to most humans and not just autistic people. she also talks about the relationship between artists and autism. some very famous painters have mathematical patterns in their work that is geometrically science based even though the artist is intuitively designing and painting and not consciousness aware their art is “scientific” in terms of patterns that mimic nature. i love this! science, art, math, music and animals= all connected to me. i love people with unique minds who give talks. visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, math people, music and art so many kinds of intelligence. i learn best with audio and kinesthetic physical actions. i am not good at reading. i’d rather write and record my voice/ make podcasts and monologues and listen to talks and take notes than read most of the time.

heading to vashon island today to hear temple grandin speak on animal behavior. this is part of the “sheep dog classic” event!

my dad and i are going to this talk by temple grandin: “understanding animal behavior” very smart lady. her theories relate to not just autism and animals. her ideas can be useful to humans on many levels. educationally etc. mental health etc. so much.