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on offering my photos FREE to publish: some think i am sucker for “selling myself short” as i am very talented and give my photos away for free under creative commons…but if my images were for sale only and under strict copy write etc they would not get published so often. i have sold some prints in shows and 30 copies of my photo book “aRt,identity and the sacred” but not enough to pay all my bills- so i keep modeling to support myself and making my art and sharing freely online. maybe i will find a better way in the future to offer my photo art in a way that pays me but for now i keep sharing freely. i like being published and having my name in the credits on dozens of websites.


aRt, Identity and the Sacred
Shannon Kringen’s 140 page book of multi media aRt. (mostly photography) and her philosophy on how aRt, Identity and the Sacred relate to each other. aRt as a spiritual practice.
by Shannon Kringen

Shannon Kringen photos published: my photos are all creative commons. so they are available for publishing. just give me credit and/or link back to me if you publish my pics please

Kshama Sawant  2

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i offer my photos free to publish under the "creative commons" license. more here: Published photos by Shannon Kringen

Posted by Shannon Nicole Kringen on Friday, June 9, 2017

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Shannon Kringen

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