Goddess KRING in the cast of: Twin Peaks Live, Part 3: Now BOB woN

Twin Peaks Live, Part 3: Now BOB woN

Presented by Chris Mathews and The Ancient Garmonbozians
July 7th – 16th, Fridays- Saturdays @ 8:00pm,
Sundays @ 4:00pm
West of Lenin Theater
203 N. 36th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
United States

Just as the cult classic returns to TV, you can check out this popular fan-written sequel trilogy finale that was a huge hit at the 1998 Seattle Fringe Theater Festival. Concludes with a climactic wedding/exorcism, featuring a cast of 20 plus!!!

In hallowed, mist-enshrouded ’90s Seattle, soon after David Lynch’s surreal, paradigm-shattering murder mystery Twin Peaks left television, writer-director Chris Mathews penned three plays as direct sequels to Peaks’ chilling finale. “Twin Peaks Live, Part 3: Now BOB woN” is the trilogy’s climax, revealing Mathews’ vision of the fate of many Peaks favorites including FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Wrapped in Plastic, the highly influential Peaks ‘zine, said the show “effectively captures an eerie, mysterious aura… perfectly Peaksian.” Come spend a summer evening in Fremont’s West of Lenin Theater with old friends Coop, Laura, Donna, Audrey, Lucy, Andy, Hawk, Dr. Jacoby, and more. Revel in the Peaksian universe of dreamy music, oddball comedy, mystery, sentimentality, and stark metaphysical terror!

The stellar cast includes features Christopher Chambers (Coop), Carol L. Lopez (Annie), Helen Tang (Diane), Karen Wetterhahn (Lucy), David Lewis (Andy), Harold Mullen (Hawk), and Bill Abelson (Jacoby). Your Douglas Fir pine needles will also thrill to the Peaks parody short film “Flappy” (seen at many TP Fan Festivals), mock Peaks TV commercials, a haunting Lindsey Dabek-Chris Mathews duet, and the return of Seattle legend Goddess Kring!

This show is based on situations and characters from Twin Peaks, but is not officially affiliated with Lynch/Frost Productions or any of the producers of the TV show.

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