i want #singlepayer healthcare in the USA.

the #gop healthcare bill is “economic terrorism”

Text 50409 “resist” to fax your local representatives: I just faxed this: Say no to the GOP bill. I call it economic terrorism. I want single payer nonprofit public healthcare in the USA like other countries already have. Say no to the Republican health care plan they’re trying to push through. Capitalism has no business being part of healthcare. We need to stop price gouging in the United States. I know that surgery and medicines cost 10% to 1000% higher in the USA from other countries. I have friends in Europe and Mexico in Australia and they get good health care and never have to worry about large medical bills. I’m thinking about retiring to one of these other more civilized humane countries unless the United States gets single payer nonprofit public health care for all citizens. We need to fight hard and push the government to regulate the insurance industry to keep the cost low. No more price gouging allowed! The prices are artificially jacked up high in the USA. this is extremely unethical and should be illegal. Healthcare should have nothing to do with someone’s employment. it should be separate and paid for by taxes that we all pay. rich/ poor, young/ old, sick and healthy= all equally covered under a single payer public health care. how do you stop the corruption????? single payer would cost less than our current for profit “commericial business” healthcare system. i am NOT A CUSTOMER I’M AN AMERICAN CITIZEN WANTING MEDICAL CARE. thank you, Shannon Kringen. Seattle, WA USA.
feel free to call the #Senate & leave them a voice message: #ProtectOurCare! 844-432-0883