aRtism, autism by shannon kringen

you say autistic i say artistic
by Shannon Kringen

you say autistic
i say artistic

the autistic artist?
the artistic autistic?

in a flash
she was freed from lightning
lovers touch far away
instead had inner light ignighting the way
trying to understand
with true clarity
felt like an outsider
pirate longing for the cove

not wanting to fit in
wanting to stand out
yet be accepted
for the unique role she plays
not lazy at all
like a doll
with a secret under the bed
water patterns
broken glass
san diego sand
not eating pills like candy
handing dandelions out
beyond the tension of opposites
composing or composting?
self abandonment
got her stranded again
polluted and uprooted
the face in the crowd
took her hand
raised her above
water seeds
free from judgement
space to enter
the vortex
of authenticity
all one
center focus balance
risen above criticism
the sky’s not falling
you are safe
scattered chaos brain
and all
thought patterns
risen above
the witness speaks
listening to silence
be with nature
empathy for the predator
empathy for the predator
empathy for the predator
mirroring back to you
the perfect beauty
of life you are
dare to stare into the lens
dare to care
not to terror
at the heart
the art of knowing
the glow of soul
full mojo flow
damn the torpedoes!
allow life to feed us.