NO on #Trumpcare! I love my #aca #Obamacare. I want it expanded to #Singlepayer for all

How can you support a bill that guts Medicaid, slashes protections and takes coverage away from millions? Vote NO on Trumpcare!

I love my aca Obamacare. I want it expanded to Singlepayer for all
Americans rich poor young old sick and healthy. Capitalism has no place in healthcare. A for profit system in medicine needs to go. We need a non profit public service model in healthcare like most other countries already have. I consider trumpcare a form of money hoarding and embezzling from the 98% and lining the pockets of the ultra rich who run the USA like it’s their own bank. Shame on this bill! No to trumpcare. Yes to expanding the aca to Singlepayer, covering all and lowering the prices into a non profit system. I’m 48 now and am scared to grow old in this mean country. I might retire to a less expensive country with healthcare that’s a public service. Sincerely Shannon Kringen in Seattle.