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Maybe on my next #podcast I will explain how I live in the expensive city of Seattle being a low income person. I am amazingly frugal and good with money- actually on my low income I survive quite well.

I’ve been low income my whole life growing up with my mom we were always low income so it’s normal for me to live really really cheap because that’s what we had to do when I was growing up. my dad always had a normal full-time job and made OK money but even he lived in a kind of cheap frugal way, I guess that runs in my family.

Trader joes and Costco and food banks save me plus section 8 rent that’s only 1/3 of my income and if I ever eat out I just drink water and spend $10 on dinner with no extras! I also know where there’s free parking and I rarely pay to park and I’m willing to walk up to a mile and a half to get free parking and or ride my bicycle so that there’s no fee for parking at all.

I know how to live really cheap. If I actually spent out-of-pocket and paid full price for everything and had a mainstream lifestyle I would probably need $5000 a month or more and I only make around $1500 bucks a month or so. Even when I went to England a few years ago I was really cheap on that trip although I kind a toughed it out but I ate food from grocery stores and I stayed with wonderful friends who allowed me to stay with them and the only thing I spent money on was grocery store food and train tickets and my airplane ticket.

In fact I’ve been to Europe several times and every single time I’ve spent less money than people think that you can get away with when you travel in Europe. I know how to do it really cheap although I do rough and tough it out and I mostly just drink tap water for free and I walk a lot and I spend as little money as I possibly can and then I’m able to travel on my low budget.

Norway was the most expensive place I’ve ever been and so I spent more money on that trip than most other Europe trips but I stayed with a wonderful friend there in Oslo which made it affordable for me and then I just ate food and grocery stores and only ate out once or twice and I mostly drink water but even just getting from the Oslo airport to downtown Oslo was $35 each Way on the bus and there was no cheaper choice… so I spent $70 just doing that plus my airline ticket….(though now I remember a friend bought me a ticket to Norway! That was amazing) Norway is pretty expensive but it’s a great way to place to visit…

and I spent even less than I thought I would have to spend because I actually get really scared when I have to spend money so I’m a real tight wad.

I get a lot of my clothes at thrift stores I’ve gotten some clothes in free bins I’ve traded with people for free. I paint my own nails never go to a salon I cut my own hair I never go to a salon for that I get natural shampoo for three dollars at Trader Joe’s and I buy coconut oil that lasts a while a Trader Joe’s for six bucks and I use that for my skin cream.

I find shoes online that are half price. I have gotten $40 bras at the thrift store for three dollars and there was nothing wrong with them they were just slightly used. I go to stores with my Calculator in my hand and I do the math and find the best deal on everything. I also go to the health food store and buy some things in bulk which actually adds up to be cheaper than buying it at the regular grocery store sometimes per pound.

will probably do my next #podcast on this topic!

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