Excited to go mostly #vegan in my eating. That’s fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, grains (but not wheat for me as I’ve been gluten and wheat free for 4 years and feel better/ less moody and my thyroid is normalAfter being low active for a while- went back to normal

After 6 months off wheat) will

Add some rice and oats and quinoa, chia hemp and flax seeds. Plant based diets feel better to me. Not into judging anyone for eating whatever they want. Just into choosing what I want to eat more carefully. Some close to me love meat and dairy and I’m just heading in a different direction with food. The only dairy I’ll miss is ice cream. I’m switching to coconut milk non dairy ice cream from trader joes- it’s only $1.99 for a pint. The only good deal I’ve seen on non dairy dessert. Going to eat lots of green smoothies. Cutting out meat/eggs/fish and cheese/cow milk products. Will take vitamin B12 complex and eat lots of dark leafy greens and spirulina to get vitamins minerals iron etc. still gonna eat dark chocolate!