my #podcast episode #49 Goddess KRING won’t be on hollow earth radio today but will be uploaded to my youtube, mixcloud and patreon sites for free listening. (they are changing to being on the FM radio dial in addition to being an online radio station and rules are changing and i need to be trained with new rules before i air a new show on their new fm radio station and website) links to listen freely to my #podcasts below. thanks listeners.

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Goddess KRING radio: I, Shannon Kringen will be your host and will do improvisational monologues ranging from an audio diary to topics like music, art, spirituality, personal growth healing, travel, naturism/nudism, personal philosophy, word play, seriousness, sillyness, stories from my unusual life… spliced with experimental spoken word and music i create….I had a long running public access tv show by the same title and this is a new version of that sans visuals. (it was on the air each week from 1996-2011! 15 years straight! all original content….i’m sort of an introspective extrovert….introverted/extrovert…..(i may in the future invite creative guests on and interview or dialogue with them- or have them share their own audio expressions/ creative topics but i seem love being solo for now sharing into the mic in my own solitary way) the overall message of my show is to “be yourself, no matter what they say” everyone is unique and has their own path….i love to amplify this and explore random ideas and synchronicities/sky-kring-nicity…. Bio: Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen grew up in San Diego California and Whidbey Island Washington. She is a self taught photographer with a background in Graphic Design. She has worked as a figure model in Seattle since 1992. She completed her BA degree in Arts and Literature from Antioch University in 2013. She sees her creative expression as a tool to connect with community and a way of increasing self awareness and tap into a deeper wisdom within. Artist Statement: I work with cameras, microphones, written words and paint improvisationally. I am very kinesthetic and use my whole body when I create. In my photography, I fall in love with shape, texture and light while out wandering. I like to capture what is naturally there but in a way that abstracts it and allows the viewer to notice something new and different about ordinary physical reality. I carefully compose all my photos spontaneously as I am shooting moving the camera angle until I see what looks like a balanced, dynamic composition. In my painting, I allow my hands to move intuitively on the canvas creating shapes and textures that feel right. I repeat patterns and choose colors from somewhere beyond my thinking mind. I am very inspired by the repeating patterns I see in nature. Plants and animals move me a great deal. In my spoken word and musical creations I listen to words as they pop into my head and go into trance like states- playfully spinning words out as they come to me in a musical way…. I am taping into my unconscious and go into a dream like state when I create art.

Creative Photographer Shannon Kringen