tom petty music means a lot to me. since age 11 when i first heard refugee on a juke box in a pizza parlour while feeling sad about some childhood issues i was grief stricken and “refugee” made me feel better… like i can handle this i am strong….and every since that day i have been following their music and seen them live many times since 1984 when i first saw them.

i also have found out that tom petty had a pretty challenging childhood and in some ways so did i. something resonates when someone is angry and wounded and rebellious and yet finds something they love and puts their heart and soul into it. i find that inspiring. music and aRt heal. i find music healing to create and listen to and my own visual aRt that i make soothes me when i create and share it.

so many songs….so many entire records not just ‘hits’ but solid songs on each record creating a moood, telling stories. im still processing that there will be no more tom petty tours, no more new songs released (though i hope they do release unknown recorded songs he did that never got released- pretty sure there are some) he was a very spiritual,sensitive,intuitive man in touch with his feminine and masculine side very strongly- also had a WICKED sense of humour! totally unique human being. i love his voice so much. the textures he created with his vocals. the dylanesque byrds voice, the old blues voice, the folk/country soothing voice, the beatles like harmonies….and his own unique way of pronoucing words in his songs….really love to sing alone and imitate his voice. (i feel similar about the voice of tori amos with her textures and playing with cracking her voice and going up and down on the scales-….also love and enjoy the travelin’ wilburys…

still processing why i loved tom petty music and energy and his personality so much. i think i turned him into a symbol for me to “follow my dreams” and “follow my heart” that is exactly what he did and i am my happiest when i follow my dreams/heart and intuition.

he met elvis at age 11 on the set of “follow that dream” and i first heard tom petty music when i was 11 and ran to the juke box hearing “refugee” and being blown away by it. i got the record soon after and fell in love with that music on the whole album- i drove my family nuts listening to the same songs over and over and over again and to this day some of my friends tease me about how into petty music i am. on “Damn the Torpedoes” i love the tracks ‘you tell me’ and ‘lousianna rain’ in addition to the hits: refugee, here comes my girl, don’t do me like that….and their last album “hypnotic eye” has gorgeous tracks “shadow people”, “power drunk”, “all you carry”, “full grown boy” are some of my favs. they paid such attention to detail on their recordings. layers of sound. well mixed and produced. vocals and instruments. gorgeous work. tom petty compared their way of recording songs to oil painters to mix colours and do layers and layers and it takes time but it’s worth the effort and patience to create great work.

the melodies of tom petty are so gorgeous. he was way more than a “rocker” yes i love the rock n roll kick ass songs but he also did gorgeous ballads and soothing songs- with such beautiful well crafted melody. (same with tori amos= gorgeous melodies she writes very sensitive souls they both are. tom petty and tori amos are my two favorite songwriters.

here are some of the random things i have typed since tom petty passed away…10/2/17

#tompetty fly free beautiful soul. have loved your music since 1979 when i was 11

Tom Petty was magical.

On behalf of the Tom Petty family we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty.

He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived.

He died peacefully at 8:40pm PST surrounded by family, his bandmates and friends.

– Tony Dimitriades, longtime manager of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on behalf of the family #tompetty RIP

Tom Petty talking about the magic of channeling songs from an energy force and being a conduit. Tori Amos has mentioned similar ideas on how she writes music. The creative process is spiritual ….I know some if the most interesting poems I’ve written just pop into my head – I hear the words and write them down. I love and resonate with aRtists who see it this way….I think neil young and bob Dylan have also said this same thing….magical mystical creativity….dancing with eNeRgY

Funny video of tom petty and gary shandling joking around with Each other. They both passed away suddenly in a similar way while at home at age 66….weird coincidence….

Tori Amos did a Tom Petty song last nights spliced with Fleetwood Mac that’s cool! Somewhere in Europe she’s on tour right now. Very special to me since those two are literally my favorite two songwriters

tom petty and tori amos my two favorite songwriters #tompetty #toriamos #music heals!

Touching post by musician pete droge who I heard open for tom petty many years ago., That makes me cry reading about how tom petty helped pete droge with throat coat tea and sound engineer etc and vocal warm up techniques ….so love that he cared about the music and not ego fame bullshit etc and what a great sense of humour he had

Part serious and part joking: I just thought of something now Stevie Nicks can join the Heartbreakers because she’s always wanted to join that band she says seriously: but tom said no girls in the Heartbreakers so she sang with them several times as a special guest/honorary member so now she can join- toms soul does not mind I’m betting! Yeah actually I bet you musician’s will do that like Bob Dylan and Jakob Dylan and Stevie Nicks and Neil Young and Jeff Lynn from the traveling Wilburys maybe they will do a tribute to tom petty and like play his music just like they did when George Harrison died….and Stephen stills and Graham Nash and Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney and whoever else wants to join- whoever played with Tom and/or loves Toms music. But I’m really going to miss the voice of Tom Petty he had a very unique way of singing that was quite beautiful in my opinion so many textures to his voice

Grateful I saw Dylan and petty live in 1988 with my dad. And here’s a Sweet Dylan quote on petty: Bob Dylan pays tribute to Tom Petty following death
“It’s shocking, crushing news. I thought the world of Tom. He was great performer, full of the light, a friend, and I’ll never forget him.”

More feelings on Tom Pettys music which I have loved and followed since 1979 when I was 11 years old: if you look at the entire body of work that Tom Petty wrote it’s way better than just hits! there’s all kinds of cool songs on his albums that are not hits but very good songs if you listen to each album from beginning to end there so many interesting tracks not just hits- there’s rich textures and sounds and moods and stories and so much in his music if you really listen to all of it a lot of my favorite songs are not the hit songs like Luna and Magnolia, a face in the crowd, shadow people, criminal kind, Kings road, spike, it ain’t nothin to me, power drunk, all you can carry, supernatural radio, angel dream, Louisiana rain, you tell me, echo, rhino skin, swingin, Pirates cove, turn this car around, beautiful blue, have love will travel, alright for now, yer so bad, straight into darkness, a wasted life, and tons more….might even make a list of all the cool songs I love that are not hits!

listening to tom petty’s radio show he had called “buried treasure” Buried Treasure Show #22 where he played rock and blues and country music he loved by other artists that he wanted everyone to make sure to know and he talks about the music too…. #tompetty. ( for those wondering the tom petty “buried treasure” radio show is on satellite radio so you have to pay a subscription to listen to that or if you join the Tom Petty fan club listen for free with paid membership…. I’m a member for one year… I did that so that I could get advanced tickets for his last concert that we saw so it’s not free to listen to his radio show is what I’m saying)

When an aRtist dies you realize what a gift they are to the world….their aRt stays here whether it’s music, movies, paintings, poems, novels ….what a treasure they are for humanity…. #tompetty RIP your music and music videos live forever!

A #tompetty song I love from 1982 not a hit but a beautiful song “a wasted life” RIP tom petty

Fly free Tom Petty RIP lovely magic music man #tompetty
I took this photo the last time i saw tom petty live. seattle safeco field August 18, 2017

Tom Petty. a delight to hear tom petty & the heartbreakers live. had not seen them in person since 1999 and first saw them in 1984!

Lit a candle for Tom Petty #tompetty bless your soul. Thanks for your music and integrity and pure love through your songs you share with us. As of typing this tom petty is still alive according to his daughter. But he might be on a machine….she has not said specifics…

I’m so touched many of you thought of me when tom petty passed away. He was so magical. What a great songwriter and vocalist he was…..his music helps me to this day so soothing and energizing. An antidepressant for me truly RIP #tompetty sending love to all touched by his death. Happy his music and videos live on forever.

RIP tom petty thanks for your amazing music all these years. You were a gorgeous soul #tompetty I’m having my own candle ceremony later tonight after I model

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