wear make up or be natural? body hair or shave by shannon kringen

My thoughts on make up: I like the freedom to be natural or wear some make up but agree with questioning this and when a woman feels like she has to wear make up to look ok or feminine that’s when it becomes destructive. …Also they put nasty toxic chemicals in some make up….I feel the same about armpit hair and all body hair- I tend to not shave and I think it’s silly than women are expected to shave off body hair to be “feminine” where’s men are just fine with all their natural hair etc if I was s man id probably have a beard!

Face paint is also fun to play with literally performance face paint but also I see make up as “paint” like a costume or theatre ….i used to feel like I shouldn’t even leave the house without make up and I’m glad I got over that like in my early 20s I decided to hell with that I’m just going to be natural but sometimes I wear a little bit of make up but I can’t stand putting on foundation like skin colored make up all over my skin I can’t stand doing that….although if all women were told that they should never wear make up and that wouldn’t be good either and also if a man wants to wear make up that’s fine with me so I think for me the healthiest thing is to have the freedom to choose but to not be pressured into it whether it’s shaving or wearing make up whether you’re male or female.

One guy that I dated called make up war paint and he said that he did not want to go out in public with me if I wore make up and he demanded that I be natural and that’s no good just like if a man said to me you have to wear make up or you’re not attractive than that’s also awful either way! Freedom to choose make up or natural….body hair or shaving. Also I’m lucky because my job is being a nude Figure model and it doesn’t matter if I wear make up or not they don’t seem to care in fact they probably prefer if I don’t! And they don’t care about my body hair either. Being a natural human is all they want me to be I also have naturally curly hair and I just let it be.

Although I do add some blonde streaks in my hair because it reminds me of how I looked as a child in Southern California but sometimes I feel like to heck with that I just want to let my hair be natural and my mom has beautiful natural silver hair as a 70-year-old and it’s gorgeous and she’s never dyed it and it looks great- although the point should be that it’s fine to have natural hair weather it looks great or just not just natural is fine. So I guess I really don’t buy into the mainstream culture way of doing things…

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