on the loss of tom petty who widens my jetty by shannon kringen

For me the loss of tom petty is more intense than any other famous songwriter . His work was more personal ….more close….to my heart and his voice is the most interesting….of them all. Such tones came through….my favorite since I was 11 years old and I’m now 49. The lyrics, melody, variety of emotions and humour are also brilliant….really just pure love came through tom petty….great story teller….he was so driven from
Age 14 to make music of his own….obsessed with it really. Watch the 4 hour documentary “running down a dream” and find out. He was lit from within. Lots of synchronicity in his career/ music path….even his two wives had the same birthday….what patterns….and the song “a face in the crowd” sounds like a premonition of meeting his second wife who was literally a face in the crowd…A very sensitive human who was abused and neglected as a child and found music to be his home. Very feminine and masculine both. ( the dark side was he smoked millions of cigarettes and lots of refer – bad for his lungs and whatever else smoking harms). When his uncle was a crew member in florida He met Elvis on the set of a movie called “follow that dream” when he was 11 in 1961. I first heard tom petty on a pizza parlor juke box when I was 11 in 1979 and literally ran over exclaiming “oh my god who is this?” and he’s been a symbol of following your heart and being true to yourself ever since. Keep dreaming. Keep doing what you love and have the guts to say no to what you don’t love. Focus on your passion let the rest go….I say “tom petty widens my jetty” in one of my poems because his music reinforces me /backs me up like a friend….I use tom Pettys music to help me feel stronger and less alone. (I use Tori Amos music in a similar way) I also just love to sing along, memorize lyrics and get in a zone and trance out when I listen to music I love. Both tom petty and Tori Amos have nuances in their recordings. I love neil young music for similar reasons as well….but the passing of tom petty feels very deep….so happy the music will be here on earth forever….