After listening to a solid 3 hours of tom petty music new and old while I modeled I realize why I love his bands newer songs the best: they are more spacious and sparse….less is more with both lyrics and instrument layers….his voice also sounds smoother and more refined and he has all these textures and accents/pronounciations….I feel the same way about Tori Amos….her newer music is my favorite for the same reasons….tom petty and Tori Amos have two of the most interesting voices…they bend and play with their range and pronounce words in their own dialect…and they both write such gorgeous melodies….solid structure to their songs…sonic sculptures Tori has said and tom petty used to say their music was like mixing paint colors and layers of sound. Perfect analogy…

i made a #youtube video on this subject

The Archetypal Symbols I see in Tom Petty & Tori Amos by Goddess Kring.

Why Tom Petty and Tori Amos are my Favorite Songwriters