Satire of Goddess KRING, Richard Lee, Kurt Cobain, Tori Amos

Someone just sent me a link to this video and asked me who is this? So I’m sharing: “Tv lust” an actor (Doug Faul) and a performer who did a satire show pretending to be my brother…. I am an only child I have no siblings and he combined my personality GoddessKRING with Richard Lee who did a show “now see it person to person Kurt Cobain was murdered ” was the name of his show and that actor in that Richard kringen video did a show called TV lust- and I had a show called GoddessKRING so this video is funny… he mentions Tori Amos… I painted shoes for Tori Amos in real life…and she wore them on stage at the paramount theatre Seattle 1996 and thanked me by name from the stage…. so he has hand painted underwear in this video about Kurt cobain involving Tori Amos ha ha… it’s a brilliant satire combining me GoddessKRING with Richard Lee the purple filter on the lens I think you had to watch my show GoddessKRING and Richard lees show to understand the cleverness of the satire!