Me and my dad before me and my mom moved away from San Diego. This was taken by a professional photographer- my dad was hired to do modeling for a wine commercial I think? Which is funny because my dad hates wine and does not drink any alcohol just like me- we both don’t like alcohol at all! So they had grape juice in the wind glasses! He posed with a female model on the beach- wish I had photos of that. I got to watch the shoot…and the photographer offered to take this of my dad and me ….fun time. This was in la jolla San Diego where my dad taught tennis at the la jolla beach and tennis club…. I wanted more attention and the photo shoot made us both feel
Special my dad and I have a competitive relationship though you cannot tell in this photo! We had tons of fun but it was filled with subtext #goddesskring #shannonkringen #oldfamilyphotos #lajolla #lajollacove #lajollashores #lajollabeachandtennisclub #kringen


Me and my mom after we got back from Hawaii when she thought we might move there….just before we loaded up our VW van and headed north to Petaluma where we lived at evolution art institute with my moms boyfriend for a couple months- she explored the idea of us living there- then my mom decided to keep going north and we moved to whidbey island. Is was kind of fun and kind of very traumatic for me leaving my dad and grandparents and school living in our car at a Koa campground for a while then with a female friend of my moms then with a boyfriend of my moms then she married a few times…. etc ….I was 9 when we left San Diego and ended up moving around a lot with my mom and went to 3 schools when I was 10 long story …but it made me the complex multi faceted person that I am today do there!!!!! I’m alive. Working on forgiveness now and seeing the good stuff I learned as a child- I was well
Educated and exposed to lots of good art and music and eastern philosophy- I think I want to write a book memoir style about the unusual aspects of my childhood and way I was raised and my now current adult life being a full time freelance art and medical model and multi media aRtist etc all over the map. Thankful my mom took me out of public school where I was picked on and teased and was not learning about art- the alternative schools I went to emphasized individual learning and kids did not pick if each other- we were respected as creative k telling want kids and I loved my teachers….got to write a play with a female friend of mine and cast it direct it and act in it….at age 11….and my dad moved closer to us to help raise me and he taught me about comedy and music…both my parents taught me some good stuff and yet did some weird boundary stuff with me etc the truth of my childhood is both good and bad….like a checkerboard of dark and light