Beware! Stories take away your Inner Peace! Eckhart Tolle


i, personally EXHAUST myself “thinking” all the time about my life and what to do and not do etc. how to feel and not feel etc. here is a way out of this “mental prison” : Eckhart Tolle is talking about DROPPING THE STORY OF WHO WE ARE AND JUST BEING HERE NOW. WITH NO THINKING. i have done this from time to time and it’s refreshing and relaxing. and you can take ACTION from this place and it’s wiser than the action you take when caught in up STORY and fear and anger and competition and “winning” and “losing” etc. duality etc. it’s not “spacing out” in a bad way “spiritual bypass” etc. it’s about being awake to LIFE now instead of fighting reality and trying to force the world to change etc. relax and be with life NOW and take ACTION based on being centered and not caught up in conflict. #beyondduality #duality #mentalhealth