fasting to give the body a rest to repair itself and get more fit

I’m watching a really good talk on what fasting does to your body… (link to talk below) it helps your stem cells regenerate and it helps your immune system…if you only eat eight hours throughout the day and then you give your body a rest 16 hours a day apparently it does all kinds of good things including help you burn fat… but it helps your body and all of your organs and your tissues repair themselves…its rest for your body from digesting food so your body can repair cells and cleanse etc. You can drink water, black coffee and tea and water with apple cider vinegar during the 16 hour period then eat for an 8 hour period each day- and eat “nutrient dense” healthy things- not junk! I’m going to try this Along with my exercise and see what happens! Would love to burn fat and build muscle and improve overall whole body and mind health. fasting also gives your insulin response a rest and is good for your organs…i am not doing the fast for 24-48 hour method- for now just the 16 hours not eating, 8 hours eating per day….