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fasting 16 hours and eating 8 hours feels good!

i feel so good fasting 16 hours a day and eating during 8 hours (usually 2 or 3 meals in that window) i wake up feeling euphoric & “happy” which is new for me! i stop eating at maybe 8pm then don’t eat again until 12noon the next day. i drink lots of water when fasting and i drink black coffee and plain tea when i wake up after some water….i also take electrolytes to make sure i have mineral balance… i am doing this for overall health, burning fat and building muscle and making sure my body stays sensitive to insulin as i age. this cleanses the liver, increases growth hormone= keeps you younger basically….i eat 12-8 or 1-9pm usually. i started this July 5th i think? feeling good and getting leaner already! i have energy most of the day! i get sleepy earlier in the evening but that’s fine with me! i am sleeping better! my mood feels more stable too! fasting 16:8 seems to be helping my mental health along with my body health! #fasting feels good! i don’t feel “deprived” i feel like i’m resting and cleansing my whole body…and when i eat everything tastes so good! the flavors and textures are amazing. i eat as healthy as i can but am not “counting calories” or “restricting myself” from eating anything= though i have not eaten hardly any bread or wheat or wheat gluten for 5 years and i feel better so have stuck with that) i am definitely eating more healthy fat and lower on the carbs and hardly any “processed” foods in boxes. mostly fruit/veggie/nuts/seeds/some whole fat dairy and some meat…healthy fats are olives, nuts, avocado, grass fed meat, eggs etc. i love sushi so still eat rice sometimes but not many “grains” at all…i also ride my bike or walk everyday and lift 12 pound weights at home every other day and do leg lifts etc. to work my muscles….feels great! i am addicted to exercise and now fasting! if you have health issues talk to your doctor about this- but my advice is that whatever issues you have fasting might help you get healthier and feel happier!