Eating healthy is political activism empowering me!

Activism to me! I’m rebelling against corporations who mass produce foods that harm people- highly addictive foods. I’m also rebelling against a mainstream medical system that is in the dark ages with nutrition and giving people advice that does not get them healthier most of the time and makes people dependent on medications that sometimes harm – with proper nutrition meds can be reduced, eliminated or at least made more effective when someone’s immune system and hormones are balanced thanks to healthy eating- I feel

Liberated from being addicted to sugar and processed carbs 🙂 plus there’s tons of food that’s healthy and tastes amazing and companies And farms I do want to support that i believe in. $£€ etc. this goes for mental health too! The way I’m eating is totally helping my depression and anxiety lessen a great deal!!!!


im fasting 16:8 daily and then eating mostly low carb, high healthy fat, medium protein.  i am grain free and get my carbs from veggies only and a tiny bit of fruit as a treat.  i feel great and am burning off body fat.  my moods are stable and i feel happier and healthier than ever on a #lchf way of eating with intermittent fasting.