i appreciate my body’s ability to store fat for safety- just trying to teach my body it can burn this extra fat off and i am safe/don’t need this extra fat for survival etc. the way to burn off excess body fat is to eat in a way that lowers your insulin levels (which also improves your blood sugar levels) – the more carbs and sugars you eat the more insulin your body needs to secrete to digest the food and higher the healthy fats you eat the less insulin your body needs to secrete= hardly any when you eat fat… (and fasting 16 hours a day also gives your pancreas a rest from having to secrete insulin and gives your body time to repair itself etc.) protein needs to be medium to keep insulin lower….so high healthy fat, medium protein and way low on the carbs is the healthiest way to eat…i’ve been fasting 16:8 every day since july 5th 2018 and eating low carb, high healthy fat along with that…and am feeling good. been exercising my whole life so have pretty good health over all just a little chubby basically! have pretty good muscle tone….feels good getting leaner.

i don’t eat grains or processed fake foods (no wheat, oats, rice and my carbs come from veggies and some fruits)

i eat whole natural food with all the natural fat left in.

it’s pretty easy at this point! eating more fat has totally changed my appetite- i fill up and am losing weight!  and feel mentally good and stable- and i quit wheat 6 years ago so the low carb feels pretty easy going even lower